Antique and Collectible Golf Clubs

The history of golf is a long and storied past, which includes serious innovation in the sport. Palos Golf is a discount golf store that carries all types of antique golf clubs and other memorabilia. Collecting these valuable pieces of history is an interesting pastime and also increases your own knowledge of the sport. When we acquire pieces, our professionals authenticate what you are purchasing before we sell it to you. Check out our selection of products and get up to date information when you visit our store for antique golf clubs in Southwest Chicago.

Collectible Golf Clubs: Drivers, Putters, and More

Rare and remarkable golf clubs are always fun to keep for your collection. We offer a wide variety exclusive material relating to collectible golf clubs. From limited-edition Tiger Woods putters to player-direct memorabilia, there is something for every taste preference. If there is a collectible you want us to keep in mind, our team will try to find it for you. We have access to thousands of products if you are interested in golf products.

If you have a passion for collecting memorabilia and antique golf clubs, contact us today. We are proud to serve Southwest Chicago and the surrounding areas.