Golf Club Repair and Maintenance

Palos Golf is a family-owned business with a focus on our customers. For more than 39 years, our golf club repair department has served clients that need every type of repair or maintenance for their clubs. Our staff members are club repair specialists that offer a full range of on-site services. From regripping to adjusting lofts and lies, trust us for your golf club repair in Southwest Chicago.

Get Golf Club Repair from Our Specialists

Our repair department is completely customer-focused. With the customer in mind, we stay up-to-date in the most advanced technology in the golfing industry. All of our work is done in-house. Most repairs get done in 24 to 48 hours. Some of the most typical club repair we complete is:

  • Lengthening
  • Shortening
  • Tightening Heads
  • Resetting Weights
  • Swing Weight Adjustment
  • Rewhipping
  • Ferrule Replacement
  • Frequency Matching

Reshafts of Your Clubs is a Technology Update

reshaftsIf you have an old club that has made it through countless rounds of golf, a great way to update its technology is with a reshaft. We challenge you to improve your game by reinventing the clubs you have through reshafting. Technology updates in the field of golf has drastically impacted the way a shaft operates.

Our store carries all of the major manufacturers and can order custom shafts from Accra, KB Tour, Element 21, and more. The factors a reshaft influences with your clubs include:

  • Shaft Flex
  • Flex Point
  • Torque
  • Weight

Shaft Exchange Technology for Better Results

shaft-exchangeOne of the most innovative ways to customized your clubs and maintain them for your needs is with new and improved shaft exchange technology. Our staff is trained on new trends in the industry so we can pass along this knowledge to customers. This technology works with Callaway, Nike, Ping, and more.

Shaft exchange technology is easy to fit different head and shaft combinations for the best results. On the golf course, you will be able to change out your golf shafts for various conditions including:

  • Weather
  • Layout of the Course
  • The Player’s Physical Condition
  • Terrain of the Shot
Custom Regrips to Fit Your Hand Size

regripsThere is nothing better than approaching every drive with the confidence that your clubs will perform well in all situations. The right golf grip actually prevents hooks, slices, and fades. Changing the grip might give you the chance to shoot a lower score than ever before.

Our professionals regularly complete regrips within 24 hours because this work is all done in-house. The grips we carry come in styles like round, ribbed, half cord, and more. Aside from replacing worn grips, other typical reasons for a custom regripping include:

  • To Fit the Player’s Hand Size
  • To Achieve a Feel for Playing Preference
  • To Accommodate Climate Conditions
  • To Work Toward a Playing Characteristic
Loft and Lie Changes with a Precision Machine

loft-and-lieYou may not realize just how much the loft and lie of your irons effects the flight of golf balls. Throughout months and years of wear, your irons may become too upright or too flat. Our in-house machine operates with precision and corrects any loft and lie problems. We can typically turnaround a set of clubs within 24 to 48 hours. After your clubs are adjusted to the correct lie, you’ll be shocked to see how much easier it is to judge distance on your shots.

Return your clubs to their former glory with new golf club repair. Contact us today to discuss any problem you are having with your golf clubs. We are proud to serve Southwest Chicago and the surrounding areas.